Covid Safety Suggestions

First things first, if you decide to perform or go to a comedy show listed on this website, 5280 Comedy is not responsible for any illness or injury you may suffer. Phew! now that that's over we still have some suggestions for being safe during these crazy times.

If you are a performer:

1. Get your own microphone. 

2. Get mic condoms.

3. Don't be afraid to wear your mask onstage if it makes you feel safer. 

4. Always wear your mask offstage. 

5. Try to maintain social distancing when talking with comedians. 

6. Do not approach the audience during the show or after. 

7. Bring hand sanitizer and lysol wipes.

8. Prior to accepting the show, make sure you understand the layout of the venue and ask the producer  about the safety precautions being taken for the show. 

9. Take your temperature before leaving and stay home if you are sick.

For the audience: 

1. Only attend shows with people in your immediate circle.

2. Always wear a mask while in the audience. 

3. If you attend the show with people outside your circle, do your best to maintain social distancing.

4. Do not approach performers during or after the show. 

5. Check the website of the venue and see what safety precautions they are taking.

6. If it's an outdoor show, consider bringing your own chair so you can sit away from people. 

7. Bring your own sanitizer and wipes. 

8. Check your temperature before leaving and if you feel sick stay home. 

9. If going to comedy shows doesn't feel safe, check the schedule for virtual events.