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Contact 5280 Comedy

Reasons to contact 5280 Comedy:

  1. You found a mistake on a listing on the site.

  2. You'd like to add or take down a listing on the site.

  3. You have photos, videos, or something else to contribute to the site.

  4. You want to give the site money.

  5. You think the site is great and you want to say thanks.

Reasons not to contact 5280 Comedy:

  1. You think the site is dumb and bad and you want to complain.

  2. You want to add a listing outside of Colorado.

  3. You want to get booked in Colorado (this is not the right resource).

  4. You're a Nigerian Price who needs $5,000 cash.

  5. You want to share your start up idea.

Q: When I contact 5280 Comedy, who am I contacting?

A: 5280 Comedy is run by Julia Foodman. Julia Foodman is a Denver comedian who looks like an anarchist tennis player and makes money designing websites, managing social media, and writing stuff that isn't funny. They first fell in love with comedy writing while serving as Editor in Chief of their college satire paper, The Golden Antlers. After graduating from college, Julia held a corporate job for a whole five months and afterwards began performing stand up comedy in Denver in April 2022. Julia's comedy has been described as "gay" and "actually kind of funny." Julia cohosts the popular comedy open mic, Had to be There at Pete’s Cornerhouse Lounge in Denver on Thursdays at 6, and produces a handful of other regular and spontaneous shows across Denver metro. They have performed stand up all around the Western United States and they like the Colorado comedy community a lot.

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Q: How can I support 5280 Comedy?


A: Come to a show! Supporting local producers and comics by physically being at their productions makes a huge difference. 


If this site has helped you access information and proved useful in your life, another great thing you can do is help the person who spends many hours each month managing this website pay their rent and pay the artists who help sustain the site.

Venmo & PayPal: @JuliaFoodman │ Zelle:

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